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  • Meb McMahon

5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Officiant

Inviting a stranger to lead your wedding ceremony can be a nerve-racking enterprise. But asking your uncle who was ordained online is hardly better. In this post we explore how a professional officiant uses their unique tools and approach to serve you—to craft a ceremony that’s both authentic and polished, while keeping your vision and love story at the heart of the day.

l. Sometimes we associate professional officiants with a dry, generic, and impersonal ceremony. But a skilled officiant goes above and beyond to get to know you. By building a relationship with you and your partner, we can elicit the unique nuances of your love and weave them through the thread of your ceremony.

2. We have years of collected resources from which you can choose. We want you to give you as many choices as possible, without you having to do hours of research on Pinterest. Do you want to incorporate a certain ritual? We’ve probably got a template that will help.

3. We know our way around the entire wedding industry. We’ve worked extensively with other vendors and know how to coordinate with them for the most affect and polish. For instance, we know how to communicate with musicians using non-verbal cues. That’s helpful when the wedding party gets in their places quickly and the music needs to fade, or when Aunt Marge is taking her time and the organist needs to run it back.

4. We are the calm rock at the center of your wedding. Nothing flusters us. If the sound system isn’t working, we know how to speak up. If the mother of the bride forgets to stand as the bride starts her walk, we say, “all rise.” If it starts to thunder at an outside wedding, we know what we can cut in the service to speed it up without losing the core of your love story. We know how to nonchalantly guide people through the ceremony without drawing unnecessary attention. We guide, we fix mistakes, and we coordinate without you even noticing.

5. We know how to run a rehearsal. If your venue supplies a wedding coordinator who will take the lead at the rehearsal, we politely work in tandem. If your venue doesn’t supply that service, we know people who do. In a pinch, we can help you identify someone from your circle who can be trained to fill in. We take ownership of your wedding; we carry the burden of perfection on our shoulders. We work tirelessly from our first meeting until “you may now kiss the bride” to deliver a wedding day that’s intimate, polished, and exciting.

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